Computers are cheap, the data stored on them is not!

Why Backup My Data?

Computer storage devices are unpredictable and fail at the most inconvenient times. When (and not IF) it happens, you need a way to recover from it. Whether the data is photos of cherished memories or client data, losing it is a disaster.

How We Can Help

From full-service automatic backup solutions, to one-time archival, Alchemy IT has you covered. We have a plethora of services available to meet your needs or budget. Data backup can be complicated, even for an individual. With the way computers store data, it can be hard to be certain everything has been accounted for. Let the experts at Alchemy IT deal with the headache.

Redundant Solutions

Data redundancy is not just for big business. Small business and individuals can benefit from this valuable service as well. Call us today, you’ll be glad you did.

Alchemy I.T. technicians are certified, bondable and professional. We treat your data with extreme care and attention to ensure completion and data integrity and we have 100% no-fail success rate.